Using our learnings from the past to deliver your roadmap for the future.
We’re the world’s leading 3D printing consultants with 15 years’ experience in every aspect of 3D printing.
During that time, we’ve earned a reputation for our honest and open collaboration, impartial and personal advice, and being there for our clients at every stage of the process.
Above all, we enjoy an unrivalled reputation for adding real strategic value to companies across virtually every industry, large and small.

From disrupting global supply chains and enabling new product designs, to reducing costs and driving new levels of efficiency, we believe that 3D printing can change the way you design and make things forever.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Using our personal touch to help you identify, adopt and deploy 3D printing the right way. Seamlessly and successfully.
Part of the Stratasys family
We’re proud to work closely with Stratasys, the world’s leading 3D printing company. They’ve spent more than 30 years engineering first, setting standards and listening to what customers really want. Together, we can help you save time, money and resources by finding the best possible solution, delivered to the highest possible standard.
The team
Who we are
Our consultants bring together their diverse industry experience to guide our clients to the right additive strategy for their business.
Kunal Mehta
Head of Blueprint
Aaron Hurd
Senior Manager, US
Loic Le Merlus
Manager, UK
Oliver Smith
Senior Innovation Consultant, UK
Dave Hayden
Senior Engineering Consultant, UK
David Busacker
Senior Engineering Consultant, US
Our Heritage Timeline
You don't become the leading 3D printing consultancy just because you're the oldest. During our 15 years of helping both industry and government understand additive, we have steered international research programs, authored government policy proposals, built additive strategies for nation states, developed pioneering software tools and catalyzed the launch of countless products and business units. We have been at the forefront of additive technology, and we are driven to stay there.
The First of its Kind
Dr. Phil Reeves establishes Econolyst, the first 3D printing research and strategic consultancy and codifies the benefits of 3D printing into the 6 Drivers Framework™
Holistic Approach
Developed a holistic approach for how business can implement 3D printing technologies into their manufacturing operations.
Supply Chain Sustainability
First to develop software tools to compare the sustainability of traditional versus 3D printing supply chains.
Customer Requirements
Created first of its kind software tools that automatically selects 3D printing technologies based on customer requirements.
First in the Cloud
First to develop cloud-based 3D printing ‘printability’ and cost estimation software tools for all 3D printing technologies.
Forecasting the Future
In partnership with IBM, forecasted the development and impact of 3D printing for the consumer.
Stratasys Consulting
The world leading 3D printing company, Stratasys, acquired Econolyst, the world leading 3D printing consultancy. Econolyst was renamed Stratasys Consulting.
Global Megatrends Impact
Mapped how 3D printing impacts global megatrends from Globalization 2.0 to climate change and urbanization to an aging workforce.
Additive Manufacturing Innovation
Established the additive manufacturing innovation framework, which helps clients ideate applications for 3D printing.
Focused on 3D
Developed FOCUS3D, a game that helps companies identify where in their business 3D printing makes sense.
Rebranded to Blueprint, an independent and technology-agnostic 3D printing strategic consultancy.
Start your additive journey
Work with our Blueprint consultants on your next 3D printing project and see the results for yourself.
Unlock the power behind the six drivers
Looking to get even more detail on the six business drivers? Let us walk you through the framework from start to finish.
How we helped real companies make real change
Regardless of size or industry, we have helped hundreds of clients design and deliver their 3D printing strategy.