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Business Case, Industry Perspective, Spare Parts, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain
19/ November 2019
3D printing has arrived for rail. It’s time to get on board. | Blueprint
3D printing is an industrial-grade tool that rail transportation providers can and should be leveraging to secure their supplies of service parts, create tools that help maintenance and operations, and to enhance safety and customer experience.
23/ December 2019
The Adidas Speedfactory, a hyped up failure or a supply chain success?
With the announcement that Adidas will be shutting down its much-hyped USA and Germany Speedfactories, highly automated production plants driven by robotics and 3D printing, and relocating them to Asia, the media has been quick to assign the whole endeavor as a failure.
12/ November 2019
3D Printing Gets Classic Cars Out of the Garage and Onto the Road
It’s the Achilles’ heel of every car restoration, whether you are a casual enthusiast restoring a 70’s Mustang or a professional readying a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing to show at Concours: that hard-to-find part that you have been searching for—for years—with no success.
05/ August 2019
Industry 4.0: Stop letting your suppliers own your CAD.
Your organization’s engineering outsourcing practices may be providing short-term cost savings while introducing long-term risk. Losing control of your CAD means losing control of your engineering future.
01/ July 2019
The Future of Sports: How additive manufacturing will transform the sports industry
Recently, New Balance released their 990 Sport sneaker which has a 3D printed heel made from New Balance’s new Rebound Resin material that creates strong lattice structures while also maintaining a springy sole.
18/ June 2019
Dual Sourcing vs Dual Manufacturing
How can supply chain and manufacturing better understand additive manufacturing in production? Introducing the concept of “Dual Manufacturing.”
27/ February 2019
Just Another Buzzword? Blueprint Looks at Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0: Is this “fourth industrial revolution” just another buzzword boardrooms use while the machine shop is knee deep in oil & swarf?
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