The 6 drivers of
3D printing
The first thing 3D printing should make for your business? Sense.
Over our 15 years of experience helping hundreds of clients, we noticed that, regardless of the industry, the same opportunities for 3D printing would arise time and again. We developed and codified these patterns into a framework that describes the fundamental benefits 3D printing brings to any business – the six drivers.
Freedom of Design
3D printing does not have to abide by the traditional constraints of manufacturing. This flexibility unlocks new design freedoms while eliminating manufacturing costs. By embracing this capability to create new geometries, designs that were once impossible are now possible.
Embedded functionality
The layer-by-layer approach of 3D printing allows for a fundamental re-evaluation of how parts integrate and products function. Whether it’s by embedding components, creating “intelligent” materials or combining multiple materials at a micro-scale, a layerwise approach enables the creation of products that possess advanced properties and functionality.
Streamlined supply chains
3D printing produces parts on-demand from anywhere in the world using digital data. Digitizing your manufacturing process enables you to radically rethink and reconfigure your internal processes, distribution and supply chain, allowing you to be more responsive and control costs.
Client Results
$10M in revenue growth from the implementation of an additive at a global logistics company
Hyper personalization
As a manufacturing process, 3D printing does not suffer from the effects of “economies of scale.” This means personalized products no longer need to be high-cost or niche. Instead, you can personalize without the premium and make unique, one-off creations without additional costs – a fundamental differentiator for every product, market and industry.
Low volume manufacturing
3D printing produces parts directly from digital data without the need for tooling. This means there’s little per-part cost difference between 3D printing a batch of one, one hundred or one thousand. The result? You can print however many parts you like or need, with little to no fixed cost.
Life cycle sustainability
Want to use less and achieve more? 3D printing minimizes waste by producing geometrically optimized parts and prolongs the useful life of products by eliminating obsolescence. So you can reduce your negative environmental impact while growing the bottom line.
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