Helping you integrate
3D printing into
your business
3D printing isn’t as simple as buying a machine
and pressing ‘print’. To make it work, you need
the right people, processes and technologies –
but do you know where to find them?

The companies currently leading the way in 3D printing use their technology in a variety of ways. Many create centers of excellence (COEs) to centralize knowledge and capability development. Others use a distributed model to allow organic growth, employ outside bureaus or adopt a hybrid approach. No two requirements are the same – which is why we’ll find a bespoke solution that’s right for you.

What we do

As the world’s leading 3D printing consultants, we’ll open your eyes to the technology’s many benefits and pitfalls. Supported by 15 years’ experience in virtually every industry, we’ll advise on the correct infrastructure and operating model and how to avoid siloed knowledge, unchecked access and duplicated efforts. But above all, we’ll work closely with you to help shape a unique 3D printing model that’s a perfect fit for your business.

Who this helps
  • Operational leaders
  • Additive executives
  • Procurement managers

Whether you’re an early adopter or looking to make the leap from prototypes to full-scale production, we’ll guide you along the 3D printing path, advising on every twist and turn along the way.

How we help
  • Evaluate how best to deploy 3D printing within your organization to maximize utilization
  • Identify your people, processes, technology and facilities required to achieve your additive goals
  • Show how to incorporate 3D printing into your existing corporate strategy
  • Assess and advise on improving the rate of additive adoption
  • Discuss the tactical steps involved in building a COE
  • Determine the key drivers for your deployment strategy
  • Advise on internal incubators, external accelerators and community of practice

Harnessing the unique power of
3D printing relies on a strategic
deployment model that works

That’s why our experts provide a tailor-made solution that fits with your strategy, structure and scale.

Using our unrivaled experience, we’ll show how to set up and deploy 3D printing to its greatest effect within your organization. To do it, we’ve developed a five-pillar framework to assess each component of successful adoption.

We start by answering stakeholder questions and reaching a consensus on the desired

results and impact of 3D printing. We’ll then lead you through the decisions needed to develop governance and operating models, before correcting any existing system and supply chain limitations. The result? A practical and profitable 3D printing operation driven purely by your strategic priorities.

Strategy consulting
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Strategic impact

Our team will help lay the foundations for total confidence in business transformation by demonstrating the ways 3D printing can reshape your strategy.
Strategy consulting
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Product innovation

We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of how 3D printing can open up new thinking and build pioneering products while boosting your top line.
Strategy consulting
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Additive deployment

With our help, you can identify the people, processes and tools needed for to successfully deploy 3D printing with your organization.
Operations Consulting
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Operational improvement

We’ll show you how to understand, identify and measure the benefits of additive manufacturing on your production line, inventory and supply chain.
Applications Consulting
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Application validation

Our consultants will help you explore the technical viability and economic feasibility of 3D printing for your specific manufacturing needs.
Applications Consulting
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Design optimization

Our engineers will work closely with your design teams to help them understand 3D printing and design so your teams can realize the potential of their designs.
Applications Consulting
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Think additively

The Blueprint team will help you learn design for 3D printing and then apply the associated thought processes to your product designs.
Start your additive journey
Work with our Blueprint consultants on your next 3D printing project and see the results for yourself.
Unlock the power behind the six drivers
Looking to get even more detail on the six business drivers? Let us walk you through the framework from start to finish.
How we helped real companies make real change
Regardless of size or industry, we have helped hundreds of clients design and deliver their 3D printing strategy.