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Six drivers of 3D printing
Our six drivers
The world of 3D printing is noisy, with new breakthroughs and innovations every day. This constant change can make it hard to understand how 3D printing will benefit your business. So we developed the six drivers framework to explain how 3D printing drives business value.
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  • Freedom of design
  • Embedded functionality
  • Streamlined supply chains
  • Hyper personalization
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Lifecycle sustainability
How we work
We apply a rigorous approach, a rich suite of tools and our experience to identify the impact that 3D printing can have on your business.
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Our thinking
The Little Blue Book
Behind the many ways that 3D printing can bring value to a business, the same fundamental principles appear time and time again. In this essential guide, we codify these patterns into a framework that helps you understand and navigate the world of 3D printing, using real-life examples from a range of industries to inspire your thinking.
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Our latest thinking.
3D printing has arrived for rail. It’s time to get on board. | Blueprint
3D printing is an industrial-grade tool that rail transportation providers can and should be leveraging to secure their supplies of service parts, create tools that help maintenance and operations, and to enhance safety and customer experience.
Blog Post
19/ November 2019
CES 2020 shows us what the end of the consumer 3D printing hype cycle looks like
Is consumer 3D printing dead? Oliver Smith, our lead innovation consultant, makes the argument it was never alive to begin with. The entry-level 3D printer market is seeing continued growth, but this success has been, and continues to be, driven not by casual consumers as was predicted, but professionals, businesses and institutions. In this piece, we chart the history of the hype to discover how the Wall Streets and Wireds of the world got it wrong, how the early start-ups rode the wave and got it just right, and how we learnt that desktop printers belong in factories, studios and labs, not living rooms.
Blog Post
27/ January 2020
The Adidas Speedfactory, a hyped up failure or a supply chain success?
With the announcement that Adidas will be shutting down its much-hyped USA and Germany Speedfactories, highly automated production plants driven by robotics and 3D printing, and relocating them to Asia, the media has been quick to assign the whole endeavor as a failure.
Blog Post
23/ December 2019
Formnext 2019: Lot of new players but where is the business value?
Formnext 2019: Lot of new players but where is the business value?
Blog Post
16/ December 2019
Client Results
93% of businesses say that additive manufacturing gives them a competitive edge. We’ll show you how.
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